You can raise a kid who is confident, self-assured and kind by having the type of relationship with your kids that facilitates this kind of growth.


My name is Iva Helena Gojanović and I am a licensed independent clinical social worker and
social and emotional skills coach for parents and kids.

With over 20 years of working with children and families in various mental health settings, including residential homes, schools, and private practice, as well as continuing on a journey of my own self-growth and development, I have come to recognize the importance of emotional management and communication. The greatest struggles and dis-ease surface when kids and caregivers alike were not able to manage their emotions and communicate their needs effectively.

I have yet to meet a parent who does not want the best for their kids. When asked what parents want for their kids, the most frequent responses are for their kids to be healthy, happy, confident, and kind. So, how do we raise kids who are all of these things?

By creating the type of relationship and environment that nurtures social and emotional developm

Coaching process

In this coaching process, we will create your vision for how you want to parent and the type of relationship you want to have. We will troubleshoot behavioral challenges and work on improving your communication and relationship with your kid so that challenging behaviors will begin to decrease, while your own confidence in how to handle these challenges will increase. We will identify your own areas of strength and areas to work on as it relates to social and emotional intelligence and implement practical tools to help you on your own journey. As this coaching program focuses on the social and emotional development of both you and your kids, you will also have access to resources, activities and tools to help your kids develop these skills as well.


All behavior is a form of communication. When we can better understand our own behavior as well as that of our kids, we begin to see patterns, needs and desires. By being open to learning about ourselves and our kids, we can start to engage in new ways that create connection and fulfillment in our relationships- first with ourselves and then with our kids.


I have blended coaching around social and emotional skills, my years of both personal and professional experience and positive parenting to create a coaching program that helps parents grow alongside their kids to create connection and improve communication.


The four components of social and emotional intelligence as stated by Daniel Goleman are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

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